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Engaging Brand Safe Content

We apply the same philosophy that has made us so popular with users to our advertising partners.

Who We Are

We connect users to the content that they care about, and advertisers to the audiences they want to target. Users get content that speaks to them, advertisers get more bang for their buck - everybody wins.

High Quality Content

We analyze this data to gain valuable insights that enable us to refine, optimize, and dynamically deliver highly relevant content that creates user experiences that are consistently improving.

Exceptional User Experiences

Our technology seamlessly integrates with our partners to provide an elevated user experience that delivers relevant advertising to highly targeted audiences. These highly salient advertisements encourage user interactions and ultimately generate the return on ad spend that our partners expect.

Who We Are

Every year Tagbytes Media Group reaches hundreds of millions of visitors across our global network of web properties. The secret to our success is simple. We placed technological innovation, high-quality content, and exceptional user experience at the core of our brand’s philosophy.

Combining great content with cutting-edge proprietary technology has allowed us to deliver valued experiences to our audiences and unparalleled opportunities to our advertising partners.
How We Work

Our Process

Technology is what differentiates Tagbytes Media Group from other forces in the industry. It’s the essence of what we do.

Our Technology

    Our proprietary technology is the driving force behind our success. It’s how we offer high-impact, comprehensive solutions for advertisers in search of brand-safe options for their scalable media buys - without deteriorating the user experience.

Session Analysis

    Our web and mobile properties attract millions of weekly visits. Each visit generates a vast amount of data providing a detailed cross section of our audience and each individual user. Our proprietary technology then interprets this data to identify everything from broad trends to granular micro-actions that can be used to create scalable content strategy and grow market share.

Split Testing

    This data also enables us to perform multivariate split testing to continually refine and generate user optimized content and dynamic experiences.

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